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Updates & Errata - The Synagogues of Britain and Ireland Liverpool Princes Road Synagogue © Ruth Baumberg

Updates & Errata - The Synagogues of Britain and Ireland

The Synagogues of Britain and Ireland: An Architectural and Social History (New Haven and London, Yale University Press, 2011)

[last updated 2023-12-27]

p. 61 Fig. 48 Caption: ... , 1855-6

p. 71 Caption: Henry Levine

p. 76 col. 2, line 7: Add to Note 41 (p. 327)
This building has been omitted from the Index: the [London] Spanish and Portuguese Branch Synagogue, Upper Bryanston Street, off the Edgware Road (H.H Collins 1860-1)

p. 83 col. 2 para. 2 "Glasgow's Garnethill Synagogue of 1879-81" should read "... 1877-9"
p. 87 fig. 74 caption "Garnethill Synagogue,...Joseph, 1877-9…"
p. 299 NATHAN SOLOMON JOSEPH … Glasgow, Garnethill 1877-9
p. 300 JOHN McLEOD … Glasgow, Garnethill ... 1877-9

pp. 90-91 Merthyr Tydfil Synagogue
Add: The architect has now been identified as Charles Taylor (fl. 1867-1919).
Acknowledgements to Dr Chris Clifford for his research in the Merthyr Telegraph in 2019.

p. 143 col. 1 line 4 Amend sentence to read:
"Holy Law was thus situated close to the three major purpose-built synagogues of their day: the Spanish and Portuguese, the Great and the Reform".
Source: the exact position at the far eastern end of Knowsley Street is marked on the 1915 OS map.

p. 153 col.2 para. 3 l. 5: Fieldgate Street "Great" Synagogue 1898-9 Similarly on p. 301: 1898-9

p. 159 col. 2 lines 6-7 Wolverhampton Old Jewish Cemetery (1851)
Correct spelling of address is "at the corner of Cockshutt(s) Lane and Thompson Avenue"

p. 188 col. 1 line 8: Leeds New Synagogue, Chapeltown Road, was never referred to as the "Great" by locals [only by the press].
Source: Malcolm Sender of Leeds

p. 192 and passim, p.304 (Glossary): Bet Taharah

p. 239 col. 2 lines 8-9: Maxwell Caplin (not Caplan) was the architect of St Anne's Synagogue

p. 239 col. 2 Terenure Synagogue was built in 1952-3
p. 241 fig. 204 caption: Terenure Synagogue, ... , 1952-3
The correct dates are given in the footnotes

p. 248 col. 2 lines 4-5: Bradford Hebrew Congregation’s successor building was at Springhurst Road, Shipley. Their original synagogue was at Spring Gardens.

p. 248 col. 2 para. 2 line 5: The Queenshill Estate was built in 1961-2

p. 250 col. 1 para. 2 line 5: Norman Bailey Samuels and Partners (London) were the original architects of Giffnock Synagogue, Glasgow. Baron Bercott & Associates (Glasgow) did repairs after a fire in the 1970s.
Source: new research in the synagogue’s archives (2012)

p. 252 Fig 212, pp. 253-4, 274 Manchester Reform Synagogue (Jackson’s Row) now demolished (2023).

p. 255 Fig. 214 caption: Allerton Synagogue, Liverpool, ... , photographed in 2005 before demolition

p. 259 col. 2 lines 3-4 and Fig. 218 Caption: ... Kantor Schwartz ...

p. 268 col. 1 lines 5-6: At Higher Crumpsall Synagogue, the choir gallery grilles are made of gilded timber, not metalwork

p. 277 col. 1 lines 1-3: In fact, the "fine crouching figure" is not actually situated on the Elkans' graves. It was originally intended for the grave of Hedwig Elkan (d. 1959) but was placed in the new "Rose Garden", where there are no burials, due to scruples on the part of the Liberal Ministers' Conference.
Source: Liberal Jewish Synagogue correspondence files 1960-3 examined by their Archivist Bryan Diamond, and see his note "Re: Benno Elkan" in JHSE Newsletter, September 2011, p. 3 (https://www.jhse.org/)

p. 288 col. 1: Manchester Adass Yeshurun used the Hamburg (not Frankfurt) rite.
Source: Dr Martin Stern of Salford M7, a former member.

pp. 289-91: Gateshead Synagogue - A new synagogue complex has been constructed behind the original building (Kevin Doonan 2023). It is understood that the old building is still in use (2023).

Appendix 1: Synagogue Architects
p. 298 J. Clarke
The Central, 120 [not 43] Great Portland Street 1855 (conversion)

p. 298 Cecil Jacob Eprile
Add: Finchley Old Synagogue, Kinloss Gardens 1935

p. 298 Henry (Harry) Wharton Ford
Add: Willesden Jewish Cemetery, Ohel 1929

p. 299 Nathan Solomon Joseph
Add: Willesden Jewish Cemetery, Design and Landscaping, Ohel complex 1872-3

p. 300: Perkins & Brockhouse were the architects of Leeds, Belgrave Street 1860-1

p. 301 Digby Lewis Solomon
Add: Jews' Temporary Shelter, 63 Mansell Street, 1929-30

p. 301: Lewis Solomon
Add: Willesden Jewish Cemetery, Gates and Caretaker's Lodge 1909-10

p. 301 Add: CHARLES TAYLOR (fl. 1867-1919)
Merthyr Tydfil Synagogue 1876-7

p. 336 note 141 l.2: Amend start of line to read "... Grove Books, 2000, p. 42. ..."

p. 360 note 79: 28 Nov. 2008 (not 2009)

p. 367 Reference: Add - "Who Was Who"