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Updates & Errata - Jewish Heritage in Gibraltar Liverpool Princes Road Synagogue © Ruth Baumberg

Updates & Errata - Jewish Heritage in Gibraltar

Jewish Heritage in Gibraltar: An Architectural Guide (Reading, Spire Books, 2007)

[last updated 2023-08-10]

The correct transliteration of the Hebrew name of the Gibraltar Great Synagogue is Sha’ar HaShamayim

p. 8 Acknowledgements
Add: Joe Ballantine of the Gibraltar Heritage Trust

p. 59 para. 3
Sha’ar HaShamayim Synagogue - Before “An associated textual source…” add:
“Above the Magen David is a ribbon banner containing the name of the synagogue in Hebrew.”

After the passing of the Heritage and Antiquities Act 2018, the Ministry for Heritage of the Government of Gibraltar established an excellent website that includes a database of Listed buildings including synagogues and historic maps.